Eco-clean your dishwasher once a year for better drainage and less residue on your dishes.

by Denver Price, owner of Pro-Tek™ Pro-Environment Products

HEY HEY… let’s clean the dishwasher. 

First it should be known that almost all dishwashers should be cleaned at least once a year, and I would assume that is the last thing that most people are aware of. Here’s something else you probably don’t know: harsh chemical cleaners can eat away and your hoses and damage your machine. Non-toxic Pro-Tek™ is tough on grime and perfectly safe to clean your dishwasher.

The process is simple and will provide better drainage as well as cleaner dishes (LESS STUFF) left on the dishes and silverware. 

The Magic Solution

You’ll need:

Pro-Tek™ Cleaner (cherry or lemon) or Eco-Orange are the biodegradable products we are using as they are powerful enough to get the job done and will not hurt the plastic and or rubber hoses inside the dishwasher. Time to clean the dishwasher!

Now, Do This

First simple step is to remove the bottom rack from the dishwasher (slide out and lift up) and then find the filter basket in the bottom of the machine under that rack. 

Remove it and rinse out the obvious scrap in the basket.

NEXT, work with a small stout brush (nylon works best) and with a solution of Pro-Tek™ cleaner diluted 5-1 or about a coffee cup 1/3 of cleaner and the rest water…scrub the basket to remove all the hard water and additional calcium build up. (You can also soak the basket in the solution if needed.) Once the basket is clean, you can put this all back together.  

FINALLY, put the remaining Pro-Tek™ mixture in the cup inside the washer in the top rack and run a REGULAR cycle (extra heat OFF). This will be distributed throughout the wash cycle to also help clean all parts of the inside of your dishwasher. 

What Causes the Dishwasher to Become so Dirty?

Some water systems are very hard water, meaning they contain a high level of calcium. Hard water makes it much more difficult for food particles to be washed away in the cycle. Over time, food particle accumulation can be smelly, dirty looking, and could become a breeding ground for bacteria. YUCK. Hard water can also buildup on the basket and limits its ability to drain. Pro-Tek™ easily and safely removes all that yuck and grime.

How Often Do You Really Need to Clean Your Dishwasher?

We recommend at least once a year. But you know as well as we do one size does not fit all. How often you need to clean your dishwasher depends on how hard your water is, how much your scrape before each load, and how frequently you use your machine. If you find your dishes have grime at the end of a wash cycle, it’s time to clean your dishwasher. We found this handy chart on the Maytag site we think you’ll find helpful.

Keep That Dishwasher Clean the Easy Way

Clean your dishwasher the easy way. We suggest that the coffee cup of the Pro-Tek™ cleaner solution be used monthly. JUST PUT IN THE TOP RACK as you do dishes. Pro-Tek™ helps your dishes rinse away cleanly, keeps your dishwasher free of buildup, and is perfectly safe for you and the environment. Enjoy the clean!

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