Our Cleaner is Concentrated... Please Dilute According to the Label.

Pro-Tek™ cleaners must be diluted with water according to the dilution directions on the bottle.  Never use the product as straight concentrate.  Apply to water-safe surfaces and allow adequate time for Pro-Tek™ to penetrate the stain, grime or grease.  For the most stubborn of stains, let it set for a little longer.  Then, simply wipe away with clean, dry or damp cloth or sponge; no rinsing necessary!

Although safe on most water-safe surfaces, it is highly recommended to pre-test on an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning carpets, painted surfaces, fabric upholstery or other surfaces which may not be colorfast.  See table to determine the proper Pro-Tek™ to water ratio.


  • Water
  • Pro-Tek™

Dilute Parts Water to 1 Part Pro-Tek™

To use the chart below, find the bottle size in the top row.  Then, find the ratio desired in the left column.  Where the bottle size and the ratio intersect, you’ll find the amount of cleaner to add to the bottle.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water for the correct dilution.

Ratio16 oz.22 oz.32 oz.64 oz.
120:11/2 cap3/4 cap1 cap2 caps
30:1.5 oz..75 oz.1 oz.2 oz.
20:1.75 oz.1 oz.1.5 oz.3 oz.
15:11 oz.1.5 oz.2 oz.4 oz.
10:11.75 oz.2.25 oz.3.5 oz.7 oz.
5:13.25 oz.4.5 oz.6.5 oz.13 oz.
3:15.25 oz.7.25 oz.10.5 oz.21 oz.
1:18 oz.11 oz.16 oz.32 oz.

Alcohol Stains  10-1
Auto, Aircraft & RV’s  10-1
Blood & Pet Stains  5-1
Boats & Water Spots  5-1
Cannabis Residue  10-1
Carpet Machine  30-1
Chewing Gum  5-1
Cloth & Canvas  10-1
Coffee & Tea  5-1
Concrete & Driveways  5-1
Cosmetics  5-1
Desks & Counters  10-1
Engines  1-1
Fiberglass & Chrome  10-1
File Cabinets  10-1
Floor Mats  10-1
Grape Stains  3-1
Grass Stains  3-1
Grease & Oil Stains  3-1
Grills & Griddles  5-1
Hairspray & Hair Dye  5-1
Headliners & Vinyl  10-1
Heel Marks  5-1
Ink Stains  1-1
Leather & Plastics  10-1
Lime Buildup  5-1
Linoleum  10-1
Marble/Granite (sealed)  20-1
Mold/Mildew 10-1
Nail Polish  3-1
Office Machines  10-1
Oxidation  5-1
Painted Surfaces  10-1
Refrigerators  10-1
Road Tar & Overspray  5-1
Rust Stains  10-1
Smoke & Nicotine  10-1
Windows & Glass  120-1


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